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The Skeleton Dance is a Projector Screen Level based on the 1929 cartoon of the same name.

As the name suggests, Skeletons run rampant in this level, dancing around with various moves.


·In Scene 1 you have to avoid the various skeleteton and bats arround the stage,you can climb the trees for getting E-tickets or the film reel. there are skeletons in coffin that work like the plank in mickeys service station V2,this screen leads to Bog easy. gameplay:https://youtu.be/FylaS1IMlH0

·In Scene 2 you kinda do the same like in Scene 1, but there are skeleton that are send out from coffins and they let the coffins in the air for some second making it a usable platform.the reel is in the trees too,there is a little dungeon in the end of the screen, you can get out by pulling a lever,this screen leads to Blot alley, gameplay:https://youtu.be/TA8bwztcnUY


·You can see this cartoon on the extras



Silly Symphonies - The Skeleton Dance