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Three Challenges is a quest given by the Ace of Spades in Oswald's Sanctuary.

Trolley Troubles

Mickey must ride on the trolley and get the film reel and it's like a rollercoaster. The first challenge is completed.

Great Guns

It's a war over there! Mickey must avoid the nails and bullets fired by the planes. Then, he could get the film reel and hit the cannon to exit. The Ace of Spades is very upset that he can't come through all of them.

'Oh What a Knight

It's the medieval times! Mickey must jump over the steed, escape from alligators, escape from a knight and jump on the lion, escape from Knight Pete and the Little Knight and either jump to avoid the knights or jump on Princess Ortensia's heart on the balcony and get the reel. All challenges finished.

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