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The Throne Room is a room in Dark Beauty Castle that's decorated with nine paintings on the walls and the first gargoyles Mickey finds in Epic Mickey. Half of the paintings depict Wasteland before the thinner disaster and the other half depict it before. Gremlin Gus describes it as a "gallery with works, both happy and sad." It is unknown who painted them.

Side Wall Paintings


  • Oswald and his sweetie Ortensia sitting on a bench together.
  • Oswald pretending to be a star.
  • A happier, more colorful version of the Dark Beauty Castle in pink, yellow, orange, and light purple.
  • Mean Street with some fireworks above it.


  • Oswald sitting alone on that same bench similarly to its happy counterpart with Ortensia's hat in the place she was sitting.
  • The Mad Doctor in his lab, which is probably the secret room revealed after the Mechanical Arm's destruction.
  • The version of the Dark Beauty Castle in the game.
  • Mean Street after the Thinner Disaster.

There is a ninth painting on the front wall of Oswald and Ortensia in front of the castle which reveals the Projector Screen to the Fireworks Control Tower if the gargoyles' light hits the activation stone.


  • The "Oswald and Ortensia" painting can be obtained as extra content.