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The Throne Room is a room in Dark Beauty Castle. As the name suggests, it's the throne room of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the ruler of Wasteland. Mickey finds it in Epic Mickey.


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Mickey battles a Slobber in front of the throne.

The Throne Room is a long, thin chamber. There are rows of support pillars that line the sides of the main walkway, which is marked by a bright red carpet. Bright paintings can be seen on each of the walls. On each side of the back wall, one can find entryways leading up a ramp to the upper level, where several more pictures are located.

Half of the paintings depict Wasteland before the Thinner Disaster and the other half depict it after. Gremlin Gus describes it as a "gallery with works, both happy and sad." It is unknown who painted them.

At the very end of the room's main walkway, opposite the projector, is Oswald's throne. On close inspection, players can see that the throne has two large bat-like wings sprouting from either side of it, though this could just be due to the Blot's malign corruption of Wasteland itself. Its normal state, if it has one, is unknown.


This throne room was where, before the Thinner Disaster, Oswald would sit and rule over the denizens of the Wasteland, enacting laws, enforcing justice and fairness, and ensuring the peace of mind of his people as a benevolent king would.

After the Disaster, it is unknown how long Oswald spent in the throne room and Dark Beauty Castle. There is an almost identical throne located in his hidden base on Mickeyjunk Mountain, which would imply he was using that for most of his time in exile.

Side Wall Paintings


  • Oswald and his sweetie Ortensia sitting on a bench together.
  • Oswald pretending to be a star.
  • A happier, more colorful version of the Dark Beauty Castle in pink, yellow, orange, and light purple.
  • Mean Street with some fireworks above it.


  • Oswald sitting alone on that same bench similarly to its happy counterpart with Ortensia's hat in the place she was sitting.
  • The Mad Doctor in his lab, which is probably the secret room revealed after the Mechanical Arm's destruction.
  • The version of the Dark Beauty Castle in the game.
  • Mean Street after the Thinner Disaster.

There is a ninth painting on the front wall of Oswald and Ortensia in front of the castle which reveals the Projector Screen to the Fireworks Control Tower if the gargoyles' light hits the activation stone.


  • The "Oswald and Ortensia" painting can be obtained as extra content.
  • The enemies in this room include a Slobber and several Sweepers.
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