Ticket Booth Quest 1

Tim thanking Mickey for all his help.

Ticket Booth is a Quest given when Mickey exits Slalom and goes to the Ticket Booth area.


Mickey must defeat or redeem the Blotlings to save Gremlin Tim. After that, the Gremlin will start the ride leading to Gremlin Village.

If Mickey wants to continue the Quest after that, he must get Tim's wrench from a teacup by thinning the one with the red stripe, talk to Tim and activate the Elephant Ride.

Tim will then ask Mickey to repair the Spinning Teacup Ride. After Mickey platforms up to the area, he is shown the first Paint and Thinner Pump, so he must use either Paint or Thinner. If the mouse uses Thinner, the Spinning Teacup Ride won't work, but he'll get the chest with a gold E-Ticket. If he uses Paint, the ride will work.


  • Highlight: Gremlin Tim needs help!
  • Description: Blotlings have trapped Gremlin Tim in the ticket booth. Remove the threat and stop new Blotlings from entering the area.
  • Highlight (Update 1): Gremlin Tim can get back to his job.
  • Description (Update 1): You handled the Spatters harrassing Gremlin Tim.
  • Highlight (Update 2): Gremlin Tim's wrench is lost.
  • Description (Update 2): Find Gremlin Tim's wrench and return it to him so he can repair and start the ride. He last had it in a red spinning cup.
  • Highlight (Update 3): Gremlin Tim wants you to help repair the broken Spinning Cup Ride.
  • Description (Update 3): Use the Elephant Ride to reach the path to the maintenance area. There you can repair the Spinning Cup Ride.
  • Highlight (Completed): You helped Gremlin Tim out with all his problems.
  • Description (Completed): Not only did you find his missing wrench, but you also fixed both the Elephant and Spinning Cup Rides for Gremlin Tim.
  • Highlight (Failed): You broke the Spinning Cup Ride
  • Description (Failed): You may have found his wrench, but your actions caused the Spinning Cup Ride to break down.
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