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Concept of the Shadow Blot diorama in the Train Tunnels.

The Train Tunnels are a new location in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Gremlin Prescott built the place to depict Mickey's greatest battles during the events of Epic Mickey.

The place consists of dioramas featuring bosses Mickey fought in the first game including the Clock Tower in Gremlin Village, the Mad Doctor battle in Lonesome Manor and the Blot (both the false one on Mickeyjunk Mountain and the real one in Dark Beauty Castle).

There is an animatronic that Prescott made named Abe who watches over the dioramas. If you do something that involves damaging the dioramas (which the main aim of the level is to fix the damaged dioramas damaged by the quake), Abe will have the ability to summon the Beetleworx to attack you and he'll be broken. If you've repaired the dioramas, Abe won't send Beetleworx to attack you.

At the end, you will receive a reward: a gold pin after you've repaired the dioramas.


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