Treasure Chests are boxes scattered across the Wasteland holding items such as collectible pins and E-Tickets.

There are three variations of Treasure Chests that Mickey can find throughout Epic Mickey. The first set of Treasure Chests, which are a dull red, do not open up like the others, and must be broken with a spin attack in order to get the items inside. These are the ones that often have tickets or health pickups in them. The second type of Treasure Chests, the big red kind, are opened by Mickey with the touch of the A button, and often have pins of any color or variation. The third kind are arguably the most important kind in the game. The blue Treasure Chests always house Character Parts (i.e. Animatronic Goofy's arm, for example).

Treasure Chests make a return in Epic Mickey 2, where their role is the same, though blue treasure chests contain other items. This time blue chests now require for Oswald's electricity to open.

They can also be found in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, often containing important items used for quests.


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