The Treehouse is located in Ventureland. Mickey must paint in the missing platforms to get up the tree to the house. However, the door will be locked. Only when Mickey gets the key from Scurvy Pat asking the mouse to get his Treasure can the house be unlocked. When Mickey comes back after defeating Hook, the treehouse can become an actual abode depending on what Mickey does before/after he leaves Ventureland for Tortooga.



  • Damien Salt and Henrietta- Set them up by giving Damien flowers and don't fix/destroy Hook's Machine. Destroy all the barrels in the treehouse first so they can move in, then talk to Damien. After this, talk to Damien again to learn that he wants a tiki mask to decorate the treehouse. Purchase one from the Hut Shop and give it to the pirate. Both of these quests give Silver Pins as rewards.
  • Bosun Blake- Don't set up Damien and Henrietta by giving Damien ice cream and don't fix/destroy Hook's Machine. As with the happy couple, destroy all the barrels in the treehouse first so Blake can move in. This quest also rewards with a Silver Pin.


  • The treehouse also has one of the tiki masks for Tiki Sam's Quest on the top platform to the right of the actual house.
  • The treehouse in Epic Mickey is based on the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouses in the actual Disney Parks, such as the one in Adventureland in Disneyland. In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two there are three treehouses connected. One is the studio, the other is the hammock, ande the other is a secret tunnel to the Jungle Cruise
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