Epic mickey turp

A Turp with Mickey near the Lonesome Manor

Turps are green primal Guardians that harm enemies on contact.

They fly around Mickey waiting for his command, and can show him the way as well as harm enemies on his behalf. For minor enemies, like Spatters or Hoppers, they can erase them completely. But for larger enemies, like Slobbers or Tankers, they may only erase only a portion of the enemy. They are balls of Thinner with angry eyes, their tail is a dark green trail made of Thinner.

They will always show the player the bad way. The player can attract Turps by using Thinner and making bad choices. These guardians exist to help the player using the evil way to play through the game. If you want the Turps to show you where to go next, hold the Wii-mote upright. They will charge themselves and then leave a glowing trail of where you, the player, should go next. When you want the Turps to harm enemies, shake the nunchuk up and down to send a single Turp to damage the enemy. If you want all your guardians to damage the enemies, flick the Wii-mote and the nunchuk up and down.

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