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  • My occupation is Student
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  • Bio Heya! I'm a long-time Fandom user from Canada. My hobbies include obsessing over animation, tinkering with computers, and editing wikis when I really should be focusing on my university studies. Feel free to add me on Discord or shoot me a message!
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Just your friendly neighborhood admin. First played Epic Mickey in 2010 and have been editing on the wiki since not long after. Still a massive fan to this day.

Some notable stuff I've done on the wiki includes adding the Applicable Games template, making the current wiki theme, and organizing lots of pages that looked like a mess. I also run the wiki Twitter account and Discord server.

My bot account is OswaldiscoolBot. If you need to get in touch with me, use my talk page or message me on Discord.

Current projects

I'm currently working on:

  • Overhaul location pages and add pages for all levels and areas. 
  • Fixing the many pages that assume that concept art = scrapped content. Tons of concept art is made for big-budget games. That doesn't mean it was ever implemented in the game engine or even very deeply considered. This type of info can contribute to misinformation, and it's our job to avoid that.
    • A lot of pages about this stuff need to be deleted as well. We can't have a page for everything from concept art or very early planning phases, no matter how cool it looks.
  • Quest pages (missing images, wording etc.)
  • Fixing typos, perspective, wording, page layouts
  • Categorizing images
  • Finding scrapped content, pre-release footage, concept art

Modding/scrapped content

I'm super interested in anything to do with finding scrapped content, quirky developer techniques, and modifying the game. If you've found anything that I might be missing, please let me know!

Here are some of the modding tools and resources I've made:

Interesting reads

  • Russ Pitts at Polygon wrote a really good article about finding the voice for Oswald. Not only is it a good read, but the layout is awesome.

  • Since it's now impossible to download Tales of Wasteland from the App Store, and they never released it on Android or other digital distribution services, it's pretty hard to find. Luckily, someone uploaded it to Tumblr! I really hope they consider officially selling this again!

  • A very informative article about the early days of Epic Mickey with Warren Spector. Lots of information about how he originally got involved and a bit about the development about the game. A must-read for anyone that wants to know more about the early development of the game.

  • Super interesting Tumblr blog. As described on the sidebar, it's a "blog is designed to speculate on forgotten characters, attractions, locations, etc. that could have been used for the Epic Mickey Franchise, and how they could have fit into the mythos."

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