Gremlin Prescott- My favorite character.. >:D

"Testing, Testing. Dear diary it's the Mad Doctor, wonderfuly evil me!" *Cough cough* Oops, sorry about that. Hi, I'm Sharky! I've been playing the Epic Mickey series since 2010, when Epic Mickey first came out. I mainly edit spelling errors and make everything easier to understand. Sometimes I also go around giving quotes to different character. I only really know a lot about Prescott and Epic Mickey 2 to be honest, so I tend to only edit Epic Mickey 2 thingys. Anyway, my favorite character is Gremlin Prescott and I hope to make this Wiki come back to life again! "I will tell you, all must understand it, everything that went so wrong, it was I who planned it..." Oof, i gotta stop....XD. ANYWAYS... I hope to one day reach admin status! :D If you have any questions, I shall try to answer them to the best of my ability.. THE END. I mean, Stay cool! ;)

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