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  • CybermanHorsecollar

    There is currently a rumor going around that Epic Mickey will have a remake. (Goes and checks news) Nope. Nothing new. Well, anyways, some of the original EM concepts were suprisingly dark. Kinda scary, actually. Like the Blot, who looked like he came straight out of a nightmare. It was a little freaky.

    Now, personally I would have liked to see Epic Mickey be darker. It had its dark moments, sure, but nothing like it could have been. But Disney is restricted, as it really can't make a Mickey Mouse game that would be scary. In fact, Disney was almost pushing its limits. 

    Well, EM came, and then it went. It was underrated, and quite the disapointment for the fans who were thinking it was going to be nightmare fuel.

    But then came the year 2017. …

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  • CybermanHorsecollar

    Will there ever be another Epic Mickey game? Let's consider the factors:

    • Junction Point, the developer of the games, has been shut down by Disney.
    • Disney tends to shy away from serious Mickey Mouse stuff. He's gotta be all cute and cuddly- a blatant disgrace to what he once was. 
    • However, Epic Mickey probably helped to start the new Mickey Mouse cartoon series on Disney+ and Disney Channel, as this new series makes Mickey out to be more mischievous than before. He also has his classic look, as in Epic Mickey.
    • There is a rumor that there will be a remake. More info as the story unfolds. 
    • The fan base is small. As far as I know, VERY small. 
    • Many would like Disney to get back into gaming.

    Any comments? Questions? Be sure to ask me! -CybermanHorseco…

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