GoombaBroadcast GoombaBroadcast 1 February 2020

Character Images On The Way!

Welp, 10 years of Epic Mickey and I've definitely been playing a ton of it. Since I've got pretty used to editing, I'm going to make sure to add more for NPC and Enemies.

My main plans are:

•NPC "Expressions"

•Thinned NPCs

•NPCs watching TV

•Red Eyed Blotlings

•Thinned Blotlings

•Other Blotling Animations

•Painted Tanker

•Destroyed Beetleworx

•EM2 Beetleworx without shells

•Paint and Inert Objects

•Oswald's likeness throughout Epic Mickey

•Video Walthroughs of each Projector Level in Epic Mickey

GoombaBroadcast (talk) 23:26, February 1, 2020 (UTC)

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