Walt's Apartment Epic Mickey
Walt's Apartment is a secret room above the Fire Station. To unlock it, you must have already gotten all the Mean Street projector Screens going. Gremlin Markus will then say that he has found another hidden door on the machine and to open it he needs 30 Power Sparks. Giving him the Power sparks unlocks the window.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Walt room in em2

Walt's Apartment in Epic Mickey 2

Walt's Apartment returns in the sequel as an easter egg. A dog in the square will say that to open the room, the clock over the train station must be fixed and set to 4:30 and then the bell over the Firehouse must be rung. Inside is an Oswald E-ticket and the Meet Your Maker Pin.


  • When you enter the room in Epic Mickey, Gus starts choking up when he realizes where he is.
  • The artwork that is unlocked is one of only two known pictures where Walt drew Mickey and Oswald together.
  • The real room was used by Walt Disney as a place where he could stay while the park was being built and then later as a place where he and his family could relax together.
  • Along with the picture, there are 2 gold Oswald e-tickets, worth 150 each in Epic Mickey.
  • At Disneyland, California, two teenagers tried to climb up the fire pole at the fire station in main street, which leads to the apartment, but they were caught. As a result, there is no longer a fire pole at the station.
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