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Watch the Skies is a quest given to Mickey and Oswald by either Laralee or Gremlin Copernicus. The quest consists on looking from the items that fall into Wasteland which origin is not the Cartoon World, but the Real World. If you give the items to Laralee, she will give the player Scrap Metal, if the objects are given to Copernicus, he will be giving the player generic Pins.

Warning!: Do not sell some items to Laralee and some to Copernicus. Choose one and stick with them, or else it may not be possible to complete the quest!

The objects are:

  • Silly Symphony Fan: A fan in Rainbow Caverns, in the platforms of the Angel side.
  • A bottle cap in Disney Gulch, in the left ear of the pig face above the train.
  • A luchbox with Pete's Dragon face, in one of the platforms of the Mad Doctor's Lab.
  • A sugar bowl resembling a pirate, in the Club 13 area of Blot Alley
  • A milk bottle with Donald Duck's face, in the entrance to the inside part of Fort Wasteland (following the paint path and not thinning the trees).
  • A stopwatch with the Three Pigs, in the Toon Chasm in the inside of The Float Yard.
  • A race car with Goofy as the pilot, in the second part of Autotopia.
  • A snow globe in one of the platforms of the inside of the Mad Doctor's Ride

Giving the items to Laralee will give you the Consummate Collector pin, while giving them to Copernicus will get the Looking at the Stars pin.

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