Ye Olden Days

Ye Olden Days Cartoon Title Card.

Ye Olden Days is a 2-D level that links Oswald's Sanctuary to the top of Mickeyjunk Mountain.


Mickey starts out in the hall where the donkey and horse act as platforms along with a swinging chandelier.

Jump up on top of the horse to reach the ledge, then swinging chandelier to reach the other ledge on the right.

Head up to the right, avoiding the knight that jabs his lance downward from the window, then jump back across to the right, once again waiting for the knight to stop stabbing his lance upward. Dodge the bones being thrown from the king's window as you head left, then jump back across to the right again, avoiding one more knight.

As you go farther up the tower, Jump up and spin the switch on the ledge there which starts the gates raising and lowering on the tower to the right.

Jump up the ledges on the leaning tower until you reach the top where you can grab the "Ye Olden Days" Film Reel. Spin the last switch to open the gate to the projector screen exit, that leads to the top of the mountain to fight the fake Shadow Blot.


  • Even though Minnie Mouse was one of the main characters in this short, she is absent from the level. This is reflected in all the other transition levels based off cartoons she was in with her only appearance being on some trash on Mickeyjunk Mountain.
  • The Coat of Arms and the Chandaliers from this cartoon make appearances in Dark Beauty Castle with the Coat of Arms acting as ways to distract the Blot's Tentacles and the Chandaliers as moving platforms due to the floor collapsing during the Blot's attack.


Mickey Mouse - Ye Olden Days - 1933

Mickey Mouse - Ye Olden Days - 1933

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