Hello. As you may or may not know, this wikia was attacked with several other accomplises at around 7:00pm Pacific Time. You have been targetted for destruction because you are based off of a childish game that most likely has numerous sexual references in it, just like all other Walt Disney Inc. movies and games. We want to stop this wiki from spreading the word of this game, as children that are the average age that play this game are not exposed to the perverted mind of Walt Disney. Thank-you for your time for your co-operation. Please, feel free to ban us, delete this post, and prove there is no sexual references in the game, because we can just come back over and over again and do the same thing.

A way you can stop the spamming of this wikia, is if you let US have admin rights on it, then we will stop. If you do not trust us with admin rights, we will not trust you with giving out information about this game, and therefore, the spamming will continue.

You have been warned.

This wizard sucks big hairy mickey mouse dick that has a few curly pewbs.

And this is a warning, the armageddon of this wiki is on it's way. Have fun while it lasts!

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