The Disney Epic Mickey YouTube Channel is a YouTube channel where the developers of Epic Mickey uploaded trailers, walkthroughs (of both Hero and Villain choices), extra content, etc. of the game. They also added trailers and interviews of Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two to promote it's then upcoming release.

Just before the announcement of Epic Mickey 2, the account was hacked and the hacker started to upload videos not related to Epic Mickey, such as a "sexy gun" video. However, the account was recovered shortly after the reveal of Epic Mickey 2.

The channel can be seen here.


  • Although the channel offers walkthroughs, the videos actually miss some vital parts to completing the game 100%, such as rescuing Gremlin Kip from Mickeyjunk Mountain.
  • Many videos about Epic Mickey, including many of the walkthrough videos for the first one, have been removed.
  • The channel has been inactive since January, 2013.